intui mission statement

We want to offer top-notch legal advice at affordable rates. We never provide cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all advice but deliver creative and innovative solutions, with a strong focus on added value for the client. Each case is supervised by an experienced partner (based on the ʻfour-eye principleʼ).

Problem solving, common sense and commitment are paramount. When rendering advice and when negotiating and assisting in transactions, we aim to achieve the most effective and efficient results, based on the objectives set together beforehand. Where possible, we prefer a balanced amicable solution in disputes, but, if necessary, we will equally go to the limit in proceedings.

intui guarantees:

an ʻintuitu personaeʼ approach: we give practical advice, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the business or business owner, with whom we take up any legal challenge ‘side by side’. We are personally available to consult and work with you to make strategic decisions.

integrity: we are not looking for quick wins, but build lasting relationships with our clients and with all other parties involved in a case (stakeholders, administrations, other lawyers and consultants, courts, etc.). We are convinced that relationships based on reliability, loyalty and transparency guarantee the best long-term results.

intuition: in the first place, we obviously assume a thorough knowledge of the law, but equally important is the sense of the specific human and other factors that may contribute to solving a problem. This combination of knowledge and expertise is our competitive edge.

ʻinto actionʼ: we take an active approach and are fully committed to your interests. Enthusiasm and passion for our work is what drives us.