Anneleen Steeno, partner

Anneleen Steeno graduated from K.U. Leuven in 2002, having spent one term in her last year of Law School at Northwestern University School of Law (Chicago). She was called to the Brussels Bar in 2002, practicing with Eubelius. Her practice focused on corporate law, finance, and mergers and acquisition (M&A).

Anneleen took a Master’s in Law (LL.M.) in Corporate Governance and Practice at Stanford Law School in 2005-2006, and subsequently worked for Fenwick & West LLP (Silicon Valley, USA). At this firm, she was involved in various venture capital deals.

After her studies and work experience in the US, Anneleen returned to Eubelius as a senior associate.

Anneleen is also a part-time teaching assistant with Prof Koen Geens at the Jan Ronse Institute at K.U. Leuven, giving tutorials in corporate law.

Anneleen joined Curia in February 2008, where she became a partner in 2012. She was a founding partner of intui in 2013.

Anneleen has wide experience in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions (real estate acquisitions and property development), IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and stock options planning, as well as general corporate and financial law.

She also has proven experience in non-profit law and cooperative undertaking. She often advises cooperative companies in the process of their incorporation/functioning or raising capital, often through a public share issue.

She handles cases in Dutch, English and French.

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