Robbie Tas, partner

Robbie Tas combined economic studies at K.U. Leuven (MEcon (finance) 1993) with a legal curriculum (LL.M. 1994, graduate tax studies 1994, PhD. 2002).

He served as a Research Fellow with Prof Geens at K.U. Leuven’s Jan Ronse Institute between 1994 and 2001. In 2002 he obtained his PhD with a study into the maintenance of capital in public limited liability companies (naamloze vennootschappen) and private limited liability companies (besloten vennootschappen met beperkte aansprakelijkheid).

From 1997 to 2003, Robbie was in charge of the legal secretariat of the International Commission of Appeal at NASDAQ Europe. He was a board member of electricity company Luminus from 2002 to 2005.

He has been teaching in the Master’s of Corporate Law programme at K.U. Leuven / the Hogeschool-Universiteit of Brussels since 2004 and in the postgraduate estate planning programme at V.U. Brussels. He is a regular contributor to TRV, Review for Legal Entities and Companies and is also the permanent secretary to VRG-Alumni, the alumni association of Leuven’s law faculty. He has published extensively on corporate law and non-profit law and is a much sought-after speaker on these topics.

He is an active member of the BCV/CDS, the Belgian center of corporate law. When reforming the company law, the minister of justice called upon his expertise in this field. He is also an independent director of the investment fund Aphilion.

Robbie was called to the Brussels Bar in 1995, with De Bandt Van Hecke & Lagae (now Linklaters) and started his own firm in Leuven in 2000. He became a partner with the law firm maxius in 2002 and stood at the cradle of the law firm Curia in 2006. He is a founding partner of intui.

Robbie focuses on commercial and business law, with particular emphasis on corporate law and non-profit law. His clients include independent businessmen and companies, shareholders and directors. Furthermore he has a special interest in issues facing the liberal professions (set up as a partnership or otherwise). He is an experienced and respected litigator, with a particular focus on disputes between shareholders/directors of companies. Although he prefers negotiated solutions to litigation, he does not shy away from tenacious court proceedings if and when required. He also regularly serves as an arbitrator in national and international commercial disputes. Finally, Robbie has extensive experience in consultancy and transactional work.

He handles cases in Dutch, English and French.

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