Our clients

Our clients operate in a variety of industries and cover a whole range of activities in the industrial sector, services sector, cooperative and social-profit sector, and government. Our many years of experience have given us specific expertise in the sectors below, allowing us to effectively respond to the specific characteristics and challenges of business operating in these industries:

  • Technology, notably university spin-offs
  • Energy
  • Pharma and biotechnology
  • Financial sector and investment companies
  • IT and other business services
  • Liberal professions
  • The retirement home, hospital and health care sector
  • Real Estate

We represent leading Belgian SMEs, but based on our expertise we are also regularly consulted by multinationals or companies that are part of large international groups. In addition, we also advise businessmen, individuals, entities of public law and non-profit organisations. Finally, other Belgian or foreign law firms and professional advisors often refer to our firm because of our specific expertise.