Our vision

We deliberately chose to establish our law practice in the university city of Leuven, source of knowledge and innovation. Our services and the education of our associates focus on result-oriented advice, integrity and a no-nonsense approach.


Our roots lie in Leuven. Leuven stands for unquenchable curiosity, continuous learning and depth. We have both feet firmly planted in the business world but we will always maintain a close link with the university. Please also refer to our publications and lectures.

Our winning spirit

We like to win. Get results, solve conflicts, close deals. But winning is a long-term game. We win with due respect for the counterparty and out of a strong sense of integrity. Really winning results in constructive, lasting relationships with all parties.

Focus on the very essence

We are allergic to anything that is non-essential. We will always look for the shortest way to finding a solution No nonsense. The theory only serves as a way to finding a solution. Our solution to our client’s problem.

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